People from all walks of life are praisingWords to the Rescue:

Words to the Rescue (WTTR) helps you say the right thing at the right time.
— Dr. Laura Schlessinger, internationally syndicated radio talk show host

Stylish, friendly, easy-to-read.
— Greg Ferguson, graphic designer

A book of the twenty-first century, a time to be more caring and loving. I found what to say to a girlfriend whose dad passed away.
— Crystal Wise, mom

This book rocks! It’s already rescued me twice in a week.
— C. J. Wolfe, marketing professional

Lovely book…unbelievably it’s by a gentleman.
— Joy Wright, importer

I expected something on the cheesy side. Boy, was I wrong. The size, length and layout are right on. Very fun to read.
— Bill Biliti, creative director

Amazing what you can do with only 26 letters.
— Shirley Kaplan, retired ad executive

Your book was kind of an answer to an unspoken prayer to help with my card making hobby. I’ve been looking for a resource like this for quite a while.
— Mary, card maker

Makes a great wedding gift; helps with writing thank you notes.
— Chris Gorney, mom

It’s important to let others know how you feel, on big occasions as well as everyday. WTTR helps you let people know you care.
— Kathy Hyink, therapist

So many good ideas I never would have thought of.
— Irene Meadows, retired administrator

Fabulous…just the right size.
— Kathleen Ferres, museum registrar

When I worked in a flower shop customers always asked, “What should I write on the card?” WTTR is a great help.
— Linda Renny, gift shop employee

My sister gushed how terrific WTTR is for scrap bookers. She’s taking it to her next scrap.
— Susan White, entrepreneur

When an office sympathy card came around to sign, I looked up words of comfort and mixed a couple together to let my co-worker know how sad I was for their loss.
— Nancy Doan, financial administrator

Well organized…fun to read.
— Carol Graham-Thompson, teacher

Now I can keep blank note cards at home and won’t have to run to the store every time I need a card.
— Denise Buckner, dental assistant

Your words came to the rescue late one night this week as I was trying to think of what to say in a card for a friend who is facing a risky surgery. That little book has become indispensable and now has a permanent place on my desk.
— Colleen Kilpatrick, marketing professional

Fun ways to express thoughts; clever meaningful phrases.
— Diane Kasprzyk, administrative assistant

Simple to use, helpful.
— Kim Steffen, account manager

My business card says Grateful Dad as one of my titles. As a consequence I send thank you cards to many people. Thank you for WTTR. It’s just the thing.
— Julian, dad

A friend complimented me on my note. I didn’t say where I found the inspiration.
— Cheryl Poole, education specialist

Great resource. Thanks for simplifying my life with WTTR.
— Michaeline Raczka, life coach

Awesome. Makes me think, who could I send a note to?
— Emily Brooks, account manager

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